A little bit o’ Talent

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Being a visual art student I come across and are introduced to many artists’ work. I’ll start by saying that not all  are good, and the bad ones are just usually its just a case of the ‘freshly graduated “indie” art student with a privileged education, disease’. 

Anyway I thought I’d ease you into some very accessible/likable art that is, I think, especially useful for fashion student.

Stina Persson, an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden, primarily works in water based mediums – indeed her work is strongly characterized by bright colours that diffuse and separate to produce figures.

Her work is easy on the eye and, for perhaps those wishing to try out their artistic talent, is a good example of alternative methods to using watercolours and inks. Her work is also helpful to those who perhaps have difficulty creating a harmonious colour palette.


Illustration by Stina Persson

Illustration by Stina Persson


To produce a work in a similar style is quite easy. I recommend buyin an art masking fluid – you apply this to the paper to the areas you wish to remain white. You can then apply your watercolours over the top and then – when finished- you peel off the masking fluid.


best of luck.




First and Foremost

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Firstly, welcome to my blog. 

For the most part this site will be compromised  of aspects relating to communications and digital technology.  Whilst my initial posts are art related, this blog is actually an assignment for one of my semester units and so further posts will be more educational in relation of communications and design .  I hope this blog is useful for other students involved in similar units.

Please dont hesitate to ask any questions.